Westminster-Canterbury Review 2013

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A recent review for a concert we played at Westminster-Canterbury in Winchester. Thanks to Bob Sherwood for both booking the concert and for these kinds words:

“Caleb’s love and mastery of the jazz keyboard catches fire as the quartet takes off. Doug Harrison’s amazingly sweet tenor sax embroiders the tunes Caleb launches. Together they tangle and untangle the great jazz standards, keeping the melody firmly in place, yet inventing beautiful sounds as they go. Dan Zarcone is far more than a journeyman bass player. He adds zest and an elegant force to the music. Lydia Lewis is unobtrusive yet masterful. Her percussion playing in “Ipanema” brought the piece to a stunning high point. Two listeners said it was the best rendition of this classic they’ve ever heard.

This jazz is as good as it gets. Several in our audience said this was the best jazz they’ve heard since the 1940s. Others said it was the best concert of any kind they’ve heard in the Winchester area in years. The evening ended with three standing ovations.

The quartet deserves a name, and it deserves to be heard by those who love jazz done well.”

Bob S.

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