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What does it cost to book piano jazz for your classy event?

I’ll make this as simple as possible so that you can know without even talking to me what booking a cocktail pianist will cost.

Anything up to two hours: $200 (per musician).
Each additional hour beyond the first two: $50/hour (per musician).

Travel costs:
Anything within 50 driving miles of Winchester is included in the above price.
Anything more than 50 driving miles from Winchester, VA is an additional $50.

-Two hours of a piano/sax duo in Leesburg, VA: $400.
-One hour of dinner music in Winchester, VA: $200.
-Three hours of background music in Washington, DC: $300.
-Three hours of a quartet in DC: $1200.

Make sense?

Could there be additional fees?
Yes, there could. But it’s pretty rare that an event requires me to charge them. What have I charged additional fees for?
-Booking fees. (One venue charges me a 15% referral fee which I pass along.)
-Excessive new music to learn.
-Unusual wardrobe requests.
-Set-up times significantly earlier than downbeat.
-Mileage beyond 100 miles from Winchester.

I hope this helps. I look forward to playing for your fantastic event.
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