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Thinking of booking live jazz for your event? Get inspiration and decide on instrumentation by listening to these tunes.

What Size Group Is Right For My Event?
Trying to decide what size group to have for your event? One of the great things about jazz, is its versatility. Jazz tunes can be interpreted with a piano and upright bass. With a piano, upright bass, and drum set. Really any combination of instruments can be fair game. This first playlist offers the tune All of Me played with several options of instrumentation.
Caleb Nei, piano
Lydia Lewis, drums
Kevin Johnson, bass
Joe Whitney, sax

Here are some recordings from a concert at the Barns of Rose Hill in September 2012
Caleb Nei, piano
Lydia Lewis, drums
Charlie Himel, bass

You Don’t Know What Love Is
My favorite ballad.

Hear the trio play the Beatles’ tune from Help!

Well You Needn’t
A funky jazz standard from the same concert.

Take The A Train
The great Ellington tune.

Nice Try
A catchy little tune I wrote.

Honeysuckle Rose
I love this simple little tune.

Bernie’s Tune
Used to work at a restaurant owned by a guy named Bernie. I always played this tune for him.

I’ll post up some solo piano tunes soon.