When Should You NOT Hire Me?

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that there are some situations that I’m not a good fit for. Rather than stress me out, and have you not be completely satisfied it’s to think about these things:

  • Do you want a bunch of classical music? Then I’m not your guy…I’ve played enough classical music in my life to get through my lessons growing up an in college. Now, it’s not really what I do.

  • Do you want a bunch of tunes I don’t play? Peruse my tune list. Do you know and love and want lots of these tunes? Amazing, let’s do it. No? You want Jimmy Buffet tunes all evening? In that case there’s a musician out there who’s a better fit.

  • Do you want me to sing? Sorry. I don’t sing jazz…nothing against jazz singing…my voice just isn’t suited to it. Don’t worry, I can certainly work with a singer—I’ve got a list of great ones.

Remember those good reviews on GigSalad? They come from doing a great job—and that comes from doing the right jobs.

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